Welcome to the Rules!

This are the rules on which our speedruns are based. If you want to do such a run please be sure you've read this. No cheating is allowed. The games can be played on every platform (pc, c64, amiga, etc.). Every platform is fine. You define the game language. But remember the language choice can fasten or slower your time. So english is quite a good choice because of fewer used words. There are only original versions accepted(no fangames).

1. The Beginning:

The Beginning of the recording time is the very first moment you can control your character. This changed since the last speedruns. Previously we counted till the first and last user input. Don't be surprised when you don't see copy protection in some of the runs, this games were sold in this version too. Like Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle and so on.

2. The Ending

The time of the run stops with the last input of the user for character moving. Text skipping is not included. It's your choice if you record the credits and final cutscene. The final cutscene is not part of the time.

3. Multi Segment:

There are two ways how to do a speedrun. Multi Segment means, its allowed to save after finishing one chapter. You are only allowed to do one savegame during one chapter. One Chapter -> One Savegame. That means you can play for example chapter one of monkey island as long as you get the best time and after that you do a savegame and continue with chapter 2. With chapter 2 and the following chapters it works like in chapter 1.

4. Single Segment:

Single Segment means, the game is played in one piece without saving, which is more difficult and more popular to be seen.

5. Emulation software to use:

Generally most of us do not have the original hardware at home to play the games right there. Due to this it's allowed to play pc games via ScummVM and DosBox. All other plaforms have to be done on the original hardware like amiga, c64, sega, and so on. For pc games there is no advantage to use ScummVM or DosDox. The game speed don't differ. The FastForward modes of ScummVM are forbidden, because they are not part of the original game.

6. Recording Tools, Encoding and Uploading to Filehoster:

When you have decided to do a run you can look here at my tutorial site, how you should do everthing, like recording and compressing with XVid and so on.

7. Code of Honour:

We are a small community and all the work should be done for fun. So please do not try to cheat by manipulating your video. I really know almost all adventure games from the beginning in the 80s until now. I will see if somethings wrong with the video. Critical parts I will play my by my self to be sure to verify it correctly.

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